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The Show Must Go On

Sixty-hours of bedrest with a peak temperature of 104.8 and I turned into a reptile; slithering back and forth to the tub to drop an appendage in the water in an attempt to externally regulate my body temperature like a cold-blooded animal, alternating between a full-out fast and eating anything I could get my reptilian claw-like hands on, getting online only once, and that was to post a well placed picture of Major Iceborg from The Fifth Element which likely resulted from my having watched her superior officer play Leon the Replicant in Blade Runner. My feverish mind works in miss tier euh sways!!!

Awoke with only a 100.1 degree temperature, swallowed two Excedrin, showered, dressed, drank some coffee and prepared for a new day. A day out of bed. Wife needed some shopping done so I snatched her list from the refrigerator and was going to put the beat down on crowds by shopping early. You see, my daughter's long-anticipated birthday party culminating with both children staying at the lake with my in-laws occurs today, and I'm in charge of grilling the burgers. Also, despite the horrific events surrounding their first week off school (my parents brought back my daughter yesterday as I could not leave my sick-bed, despite my father now having pneumonia! and I've only worked two days this week) we must attempt stage-two, else we are no better than the evils which infiltrate my delirious dreams (I did dream of you all during my bedridden tenure, mostly in perverted and disturbing ways - and to most of you, I apologize.)

I may not be 100% today, but I am NOT spending it in bed.

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