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Celebrity Deathmatch

Putting the HOME back in Home Office, I finally cleaned out all the clutter, pulled everything out of the office, swung the rack around, replaced my wife's CRT with a 15.5" widescreen LCD, replaced her Mac Mini with the PowerMac G4 (seems 2GB of RAM when paired with dual-500MHz procs outperforms a single 1.42GHz proc when running only 256MB of RAM) and - horror of horrors - hung up some art! This new arrangement - utilizing the bay - has completely freed up my two good walls (those without doors, windows, or...architecture in the way. My office is in a turret.) The first time schpydurx walked into it, he was amazed at how small it was. Thought I'd actually taken the pictures in such a way to minimize its true cavernous nature. As if! Most people try odd angles and wide lenses to make room appear LARGER, not the other way around. And only because you people constantly beg me to upload more pictures of my desk, et al, here are two shots:

And its upgrade time! My wife is finally at the point where she's ready for an iPod, and I want to start her off slowly, with an entry model. Simultaneously, I'm ready to push past the 240-song barrier. Ergo, I'll be purchasing myself a shiny new 2GB Shuffle and relinquishing my 1GB to her. Since her iTunes is set to use my shared library, I'll have to set her up a profile on my XP box (using iTunes with XP is a lot like using Windows and its horrific) and only because I want to be able to differentiate between the two at a glance...*sigh* I'll likely get one in a color. I'm sure going to miss my silver, nondescript iPod.

I have become emotionally attached to Redwoods. This disc has been my co-pilot every day in the car, caused me to seek out and purchase the movie Pleasantville (which I watched on repeat while I was bedridden) and listen to its score daily when I'm NOT in the car. Real Rain being my new favorite track, as the joy, rather than the gravity of what is taking place is experienced on Lover's Lane culminates into what is initially fear at previously nonexistent rain begins to fall from the sky and our protagonist publicly embraces to show its wonder as Newman leads into a thirty-second hint of Murals but with much more feeling. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Its been near triple-digits here for a couple of weeks, but was in the mid-sixties when I left work this evening; refreshingly cool and invigorating! I drove home with my windows down, drinking in the medicinally cool weather. God, I love Texas.

Finally, would you please let me know which of these you think I should rid myself of? I mocked everyone last time because surely I'm capable of making my own decisions - but now that I'm full up, I beg of you, cull me:
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