June 16th, 2005


Michael Rennie Was Ill the Day the Earth Stood Still

Ganked from drax0r:
...my favourite is dis pig dat drops dwn frm da top of ur screen n starts dancin n singin.

So we got this pug and named him Frank, AKA Agent F from the Men In Black movies. He's a dead ringer. My wife showed our children the movies and told them that our Frank was the dog in the film. My 5-year old now wants to know why Frank no longer talks like he did in the movie. Of course this is the one who screams at horses, "WHAT IS YOUR NAME?" When I suggest to him that he asks the horse what his name is. You can have a lot of fun with kids.

AIM session with drax0r:
EricHowton (1:15:46 PM): So I this guy asked me if I knew of a pst cracker.
EricHowton (1:16:16 PM): I said, I don't, but my buddy's friggin' brilliant, and I bet he knows of a linux based cracker that will solve all your ills instantly!
EricHowton (1:16:31 PM): I was almost embarrassed to tell him your answer was, 'google.'
drax0r (1:17:18 PM): right, but if you google it and find what you're looking for then it will turn out that I put you on the right path, innit?
EricHowton (1:18:09 PM): True, ergo, my answer to your most difficult questions could be, "breathe." And once you've researched your answer, I could take credit for it, along the same lines of thought.

Our AE for this account showed up today. I'd never met him, as it has been 10 months since his last visit and I've only been here 9 months. The AE said he was going to try to get down here more often, maybe every 3-5 months. I interjected telling him, "That sounds like a good time frame, when I was as Airbus our AE made monthly visits, and that was a bit tedious."