June 20th, 2005


Microsoft Windows

Windows users are retarded:

So there was some domain-swapping going on this weekend, and some boxes apparently cached DNS. This one guy calls me, "The samba share on box1 is missing. The share name is 'samba_share' and it's not there. I logged into the box and couldn't see it."

So I take a peek at the smb.conf file. Yes, the name 'samba_share' is mapped to /filesystem/subdirectory. I explain that we could have named the share, 'ignorant_user' but that didn't mean that the physical directory would actually be visible on the box. He tells me, "Well, honestly, I can't connect to box1 either."

I asked him, "You do understand that's a completely different problem altogether don't you?" He admitted that he did. So I log on to, yes, a windows 'server' (I hate using the term server to describe a windows box.) and can map instantly to said share using IP. I tell the customer this. "Well, you've crippled me, but I suppose I could do that to sneak a few jobs in."

"CRIPPLE YOU?" I exclaim, "I've just freed you! You are no longer bound by name resolution! You can now work more quickly and more efficiently. I've enabled you!"

So he says, "Well, I'll try this....slash slash, box1..."

"NO!" I interrupt - use IP.

"I will, I'm just double-checking that the name won't work."

"That's the reason you called me, is it not?"


My new favorite cat, 'Q':

SomeBritInMass (9:36:45 AM): Q's a nice looking cat. Q from Star Trek?
EricHowton (11:05:14 AM): Q has six toes on each foot
EricHowton (11:05:37 AM): He can turn doorknobs and sip a mug of coffee.
SomeBritInMass (11:09:03 AM): what a cat.
EricHowton (11:12:45 AM): The only thing he can't do is read the morning paper.

The Higgliosaurus Corner:
No HIGGS! news today.

Oregon is Beautiful!
My favorite picture Dan took of Oregon while he was there:

The full size photograph of this can be found on his server here:
Dan's Trip to Oregon, Picture 0134

Not that I'm conceding our earlier disagreement concerning your interpretation of the reason for using SWAT, but I did relent and just work over the sonofabitch by hand in the smb.conf. It's just easier that way sometimes.

I'm homeless. What a drag. Now I just...walk the earth, like Kane in Kung-Fu. I spend my nights in the following shelters:
1.) ADC
2.) Tony's
3.) David's
4.) My folks
5.) Wichita, Kansas
Now that's just pathetic!

Watched a John Water's film last night, "Cecil B. Demented." Pretty good if you're into that sort of thing.

"A bride without a head!"
"A wolf without a foot!"

Sung to the tune of "Dancing Queen" by ABBA:
Danzigfried, young and sweet, only 23.....

The music of the day comes supplied by: My mother's car! Since mine is in the shop.

I'll just download some tires on Bit Torrent

So my car is not ready. Tires only come in on Thursday. Mom needs her car back. I went down to the shop and told the man, "Look, I'm going to Wichita, Kansas tomorrow. I need a a tire." So he starts looking at other customer's cars to find me a tire I can use for a week to get me to Kansas and back! He told me he'd have me one on there sometime tomorrow. You see, he specially ordered these tires for my car, and Discount Tire or somesuch was just not going to have this exact tire, and I need a matching set. He'll have the exact tire when I return from Kansas next Tuesday. I hope it doesn't take him two days to put that one on. So then I find the closing of my house has been moved up! To either 0900 or 1100 - I don't know which and won't know until tomorrow! I'm going to have to take an extra day of vacation! This is just crazy. I was supposed to install mod_j2k on a Sun v120 tomorrow. I wonder if I'll ever get to Kansas.

"I saw this playing out a little differently in my head."
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