June 21st, 2005


Shame on them!

Shocking news from rural North Carolina late last week -– the story of two People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) employees caught killing and dumping 31 dogs and cats -- has left animal-rights activists from coast to coast scratching their heads. Could it be that PETA kills animals? If you're
among the 600,000 people who have visited www.PetaKillsAnimals.com (a project of the Center for Consumer Freedom), or one of the millions who have seen our Times Square billboard, you already know the answer.

While PETA lectures Americans about the "evils" of eating meat, wearing wool, taking children to the circus, and using lab rats to help cure cancer, the group puts to death most of the actual flesh-and-blood animals entrusted to it by the public. And judging from the 62 felony charges handed down last week, the manner in which some of these animals were executed and disposed of appears to be anything but "ethical."

As we're finding out from the North Carolina case, PETA picks up dogs, cats, puppies and kittens from shelters and veterinarians, often with assurances that new homes will be found for them. But in 2003 PETA killed over 85 percent of the animals it took in.

In North Carolina, the animals -- including at least seven puppies and two kittens -- were dead less than an hour after two PETA employees picked them up. All 31 were killed in a windowless cage-lined van, apparently with drugs the PETA pair were not legally authorized to dispense. And authorities say the self-proclaimed more-ethical-than-thou PETA discarded their bodies ingloriously (and illegally) in a strip-mall dumpster.

If anyone else were responsible for these animals' deaths, PETA would hold a press conference to condemn them. Instead, it's desperately scrambling to preserve what's left of its public image.

PETA has acknowledged killing over 10,000 animals between 1998 and 2003; recent reporting suggests PETA added 2,200 more to its body count in 2004. All while presiding over a gargantuan fundraising operation that brought in nearly $29 million last year.

With that kind of money, PETA could afford to care for every single one of the animals it picks up -- if it weren't so hell-bent on spending millions turning children into vegetarians, demonizing people who don't have an all-polyester wardrobe, and misleading Americans about the medical breakthroughs that have only come about through the use of research animals. PETA even pays for the bail and legal expenses of animal activists who -- like this week's unintentional celebrities -- run afoul of the law.

It's time for Americans who want to help animals to stop sending money to PETA, and start supporting their local animal shelters instead. You can help. Visit www.PetaKillsAnimals.com to learn the whole story behind PETA's latest hypocrisy. If you know any PETA members, tell them about their group's disgraceful behavior. And consider making a small donation to help the Center for Consumer Freedom tell Congress, the media, and ordinary Americans that PETA's warm-and-fuzzy image is a deadly sham.
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My Hat is Old...

...my teeth are gold

Closed on the house. They couldn't cut me a check as the lender is in California and was awaiting my closing docs. So I await her call on my cell phone to get the cashiers check. But the cell phone died and the charger is in my car. I went to the shop and my car was 72 feet in the air having its oil changed. He sent a guy to Fort Worth to get a tire (I could've picked one up while I was there!) The car should be ready at 1400. Then I get my charger to power my cell phone to see if the check is ready, and if so, another trip to Decatur. I'm not going to leave without it. They told me they could overnight it to Kansas when they get it, but Wells Fargo has no presence in Wichita.

I have a bird I like to hold

At some point, I'll be leaving for Wichita. And when I do, I assure you, I won't be posting here!
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