August 2nd, 2005


Looks like a Big Taco

Accomplished though he was, I bet Mario Andretti never navigated US75 Central Expressway at full speed. I don't even know why they built Texas Motor Speedway since 75 accomplishes the very same thing. I pulled off the entrance ramp, having to adjust my speed to slip between two cars just after rush hour, accelerating to match. The car to my left was matching my speed, and since the car behind me had fallen back, I hit the brakes hard but quick, indicated once, and jerked the wheel to the left while flooring it to immediately draft behind the person previously to my left. A quick mirror check and I flew past him on the left with a single hit of the blinker, accelerating to prevent the person coming up behind me in the new lane from braking. One more hit of the blinker and I was back in the left right lane keeping the rev's up best I could as I coasted betwix two vehicles, one which was indicating to swing in behind me. With that nearly accomplished, I rechecked the mirror and hit the indicator, moving over one, accelerating, moving over again, this time into the far left lane, and took my place among the 80+ group! Had I 10" vented disc brakes, a 4-speed tranny and about 725 horsepower in that Cav, I could have accomplished this much easier. As it was, I'm pretty impressed I was able to pull off the delicate balance of manuvering, maintaining RPM, and braking in an '02 stock LS model. Now I'll tell you what could manuver, that gorgeous Sebring LXi. It sat so low, and with those 17" stock wheels, she could take the G's of the quick lane change...and she at least had a V6. Alas, she is no more:

Gave Daisy lots of lovin' last night but felt like I laid awake in bed six hours instead of sleeping.

Today is the day teh max0r gets OC'd! 1500MHz baby!

What Would Brian Boitano Do?

Ok, so let's just chalk it up to the fact that:
A) I usually just listen to soundtracks
B) I like Southpark and
C) I love musicals

What could be better than the best song from the soundtrack to a musical version of Southpark?
Yes, I just downloaded it and listened to it! I love this song, it has such great...production value.

What would Brian Boitano do
If he was here right now?
He'd make a plan and he'd follow through
That's what Brian Boitano do

When Brian Boitano was in the Olympics
Skating for the gold
He did two sowcows a triple lutz
While wearing a blindfold

When Brian Boitano was in the Alps
Fighting grizzly bears
He used his magical fire breath
And saved the maidens fair

So what would Brian Boitano do
If he were here today
I'm sure he'd kick an ass or two
That's what Brian Boitano do

- I want this V-chip out of me
- It has stunted my vocabulary

- And I just want my mom
- To stop fighting everyone

- For Wendy I'll be an activist, too
- Cuz that's what Brian Boitano do

What would Brian Boitano do
He'd call all the kids in town
And tell them to unite for truth
That's what Brian Boitano Do

When Brian Boitano traveled through time
To the year 3010
He fought the evil robot king
And saved the human race again

And when Brian Boitano built the Pyramids
He beat up Kublai Khan
Cuz Brian Boitano doesn't take shit
From anybody...

So let's put all the pieces together
And unite to stop our moms
And we'll save Terrance and Phillip, too
Cuz that's what Brian Boitano do

And we'll save Terrance and Phillip, too
Cuz that's what Brian Boitano do
Cuz that's what Brian Boitano do...
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