August 7th, 2005


The dreamy world of sleep

Since I've been in Wichita, I've been sleeping really well. That's why I decided to leave for work from Wichita, very early in the morning. That and I get another full day with the wife and kids. Of course with all this sleep comes dreams...

I was in a dormitory-style common room with a mix of friends both old and new from various stages of my life playing, what else, Texas Hold'em. It was late, but everyone was there playing nonetheless and the area was quite well lit. There was a banquet of food behind us and I remember getting into a fight over some boiled eggs which were so nasty I couldn't finish mine. During breaks we'd pair up and roam the halls looking for action, but the oddest thing was the guy I met who reminded me of Jesse Ventura's character from Predator. His name was drax0r. I didn't believe him so I made him show me his driver's license. It really was his name.