August 9th, 2005


The Steven J. Goodmark Memorial Library

Almost nothing can be compiled from source on a SPARC linux platform and that's sad. The good news is that it can be compiled via the 'emerge' command if it's available. I'm constantly in awe over the number of run-of-the-mill applications gentoo has ported for SPARC linux.

Had a user tell me today, "vi on Sun is so much different than vi on linux," I began to think of the one thorn in my side of vi vs. vim - page width limitation for editing (which is why the first thing I do these days on Solaris is compile vim), when he completes with, "It took me forever to figure out how to insert text!" Hmmm. ln -s /bin/pico /bin/vi?

When you call credit card companies, before, during and after you navigate the phone menu maze, they often implore you to accomplish your needs online. Oddly enough, exactly zero credit card companies have a "Close your account" tab online! Of course when I tried to close the account over the phone, she suggested I keep it active because I had accident coverage for One hundred million thousand dollars! WOW!

Updated the Gallery today!