August 10th, 2005


The Gallery Server

The Gallery Server base page is set. No more apache's "Not the page you were expecting to see?" Really, the apache default page was fine for my purposes, but those Gallery visitors...damn. Kept getting lost. I created the backdrop from Mac OSX wallpaper, gave it dynamism to withstand tiling (though I believe this greatly detracts from the original) and merci, madam, voila a' bearded clam:

Thanks drax0r. I stole your homepage and modified it for my own use. I know it's not black text on a white background, and that all those needless images get in the way, but it also has no links to ass-ramming tattooed bimbo's on it, ergo I feel much better about using it as my default homepage at work. I credited you on my page, though truth be told, with your HTML experience, I'm sure you stole it from someone else.

Why penguins don't live very long

I spent over 100 hours in Dreamweaver to create our Wild Damn Texan website, and boy was she a polished beauty!

Compare this to my 3-hour command-line HTML 4.0 rush-job and the results are predictably (as Tony would say) "Less gooder." Though he did appear enamored on first glance. I sure it was just the subject matter: