August 13th, 2005


Remote Location Alpha

This entry comes to you today from RL-A, Wichita, Kansas via the 'base station' I set up for the wife. That is, a 333MHz/128MB Compaq Armada M300 running Windows XP Pro complete with 28.8 dial-up internet access!

On the drive to Wichita I was able to listen to the following new additions to my soundtrack collection, listed here in the order of least favorite last:

I found it odd that I preferred the two Williams' scores over the rest, but his work (at least in the above examples) is more diverse across the soundtrack than the others, also more rich and full. I've been on a Zimmer kick, but the Days of Thunder score was way too 80's cheese for me. Give the deep overtones of Wagner in his Gladiator score any day over cheese. Amelie was as bright and French as the movie, a nice distraction between the dark, monolithic tones of Unbreakable (James Newton Howard) and Constantine (Klaus Badelt).

Eric out.