August 23rd, 2005


How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

The following is a picture of my VNC session at work into my wee mac at the ADC with the desktop wallpaper set to a screen shot of work's computer desktop manager. I'm so sneaky!

The gallery2 troubleshooting forum has 72 billion entries, and no search function.

LDAP on Solaris 8 is even more gay than LDAP on Solairs 9 or 10.

My wife is gorgeous. I miss her.

Troubleshooting an entire network migration remotely is retarded. I want to scream. I am the sole Solaris administrator for the D.C. office as well. Grrrrr. Oooh! Best part? I sent them written instructions on exactly the steps they needed for migration, but they thought it might be wrong, so they changed some stuff. Better yet, despite my specific instructions to ONLY migrate one box at a time, they managed to render unbootable both the NIS master, and the NIS slave! They called me when they couldn't get their boxes to come up. Nice, huh?

So I'm thinking of implementing LDAP on my servers at home. Why? To learn. Of course I'm considering using openldap, not this Sun ONE iPlanet hack. You see, you've got some kid running linux in his mother's basement. Will that get him a job? Maybe. But will this kid be able to set up a multi-terabyte filesystem on an Enterprise distro of linux? Who knows. But take a home Solaris user who's set up iPlanet LDAP and openldap and now you've got some real world experience. Enterprise LDAP is just larger. My thoughts for the day anyway.

Oh, and the guy in DC? I opened up his netmask, deleted /etc/defaultdomain and got him back up. Now we're just running ypinit -m ;)