August 31st, 2005


It's a Good Day to Die

My car rides like a tracked vehicle. I loaded it yesterday for my trip to St. Louis. 4 computers, 3 monitors, 25 technical books, clothes, a suit, 35 ties, and two desks full of junk. It's awkward changing lanes since I always look over my shoulder when I'm signaling (yes, that's what those rear windows are for, not so your passengers can see the pretty view) and both side-rear windows are blocked. I have about 4 inches of sight out of the back glass. The A/C works a lot better. There's not as much space which needs to be cooled. Look how low the rear end is sitting! This would have turned out a lot differently if I drove an SUV or somesuch.

FAX is not an acronym. It's an abbreviation.

I'm going to Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary. Apparently, you're not allowed to bring personal computer equipment onto the Federal Center, because if they stop you, and you don't have a property pass, you go to prison. Reference description of my car above.

I may have broken my little toe this morning. I haven't started falling like Tony when he drinks yet, however.

EricHowton: I saw a very nice French wine at Sams that caught my attention. a 500ml maybe bottle for $23. Sure wanted to try it.
SomeBritInMass: Was it a desert wine?
EricHowton: That was the impression I got.
SomeBritInMass: Sauterns?
EricHowton: Now just hold on a minute here!
EricHowton: How the fsck did you know that?
EricHowton: Yes, I believe that was the name I saw on the bottle.
EricHowton: You're amazing.
SomeBritInMass: Eric, I have had a long and amazing apprenticship when it comes to booze!

Phone calls with ProfessorTom pattern an everyplot plot sequence:

He calls after nine,
He's feeling just fine.
He laughs, he cries,
He diatribes.
He listens, he talks,
He talks and talks and talks.
We share, he cares,
He talks to me in his underwear.
I work on my computer RAID,
During the lenghty part of his tirade.
I tell him he can
He tells me he can't
My reply is concise
His is a rant.
When he starts on his woes
He get very verbose
I begin to get terse
But that only makes it worse.
He starts to yell
I voice my farewell
He winds down his campaign
I respond, "Auf Wiedersehen!"

I’d rather be whistling in the dark.

David & Wendy took me out the the Japanese Steak House last night. I was hesitant, but it was fantastic! David from work and his family were also in attendance. What a nice night that turned out to be. I was in bed by 0100, but don't know that I slept much prior to 0500. Then I slept great, but didn't awake until 0930. I love the flex hours I've provided myself at work.

Ich bin Berliner.

I am a jellyroll.

Poll: How many of you have actually eaten a Berliner? I did, in Weisbaden. But it doesn't hold a candle to the soft pretzels which fall tenderly from the kiosk onto a bed of course ground salt.

GirlInWA: I almost went to Germany for a summer during my senior year of high school.
EricHowton: Yes, I saw EuroTrip. The movie was much different than being over there as part of an occupational force combatting communinsm.
GirlInWA: What exactly were you doing over there?
EricHowton: Combatting communism.

Upgraded Gallery to Release Candidate 2, codenamed, KTHXBYE