September 22nd, 2005



Second 10-hour day in a row! By the time I left, my Notes account is set to send me everything I have to do tomorrow, to my cell phone, at intervals, just to remind me.

It's not quite eight-o'clock and I'm exhausted. With any luck at all, I'll make it to bed before midnight. Got to chat online with the wife quite a bit - between her schedule and mine, we never get to talk during the day, then next thing you know a week goes by and all we've exchanged are hello's. Its nice to get to connect. She's due here Wednesday with the kids. I know I'm going to be busy that week, because we have two, concurrent, three-day off-site conferences to support, but at least they'll be here at the end of the day when I return from work.

I don't mind meeting someone who doesn't always agree with me, or whom I may not agree with. Some of my closest friends are exact opposites of myself in my views on politics, religion, life... But I am completely done speaking to people who choose to scream ASSHOLE at me on Instant Messenger after venting their point of view, then signing off. I found it amusing, if not immature the first few times, but I seriously do not have the cycles. Please understand. I've been through hurricanes, tornado's, earthquakes, terrorists bombing my friends and am a member of the Veteran's Of Foreign Wars (VFW). A little wind and rain no longer scare me. Please, please, please contact me again when you're like, 30 and have had some life experience under your belt.

Tony is speeding towards Houston as I type on his way to evacuate close ones....and their cats:

drax0r: i'm introducing cats
EricHowton: Really?
drax0r: yeah
EricHowton: Daisy and Az?
drax0r: yes
EricHowton: How's it going?
drax0r: not very well
EricHowton: LOL
EricHowton: You must be REALLY bored.
EricHowton: What prompted this?
drax0r: because the people that are coming down this weekend fleeing houston are bringing cats as well
drax0r: so I need to be able to make 3 different cat zones
EricHowton: Uh.....
EricHowton: How many people and how many cats?
drax0r: i think 5 people and 6 cats
EricHowton: Damn dude.
drax0r: yeah
EricHowton: "Cat Zones" huh?
drax0r: yeah
drax0r: there was a little scrap between the two but i sprayed them down with the water bottle to break them up
drax0r: and now az is just kinda sitting there and daisy is growling at her
EricHowton: Geez.

OK, I opted for a glass of wine this evening. I'm going to now disassemble the Apple keyboard, clean it, and reassemble. You kids have a good night.


2135: Tony's en route - I'm 24x7 oncall as I try to navigate routes. It's like the movie Twister, only with one person left behind watching satellite & maps. My mother told me all routes on I-45 outta Houston were Northbound only. Tony's other resource confirmed with the Conroe PD that all routes were clear on his current navigation...

I've got your back Tony. You need this former intelligence puke to navigate you outta harm's way, just give me a call. I'm sure you'll be just fine.
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