October 9th, 2005


The Shape of Things to Come

Let's talk about quark.

Since I built this box starting with a base OS install, he didn't have much going for him. I added individual packages and dependencies via blastwave, so never really ran into a problem until today. I was trying to compile several things, and they just wouldn't. I was lacking the C/C++ header files. Fortunately for me, I keep a repository of SUNOS packages online for just this occasion. Apparently I also never installed the 64-bit make assembler and link-editor. Shame on me!

As it turns out, I used GNU ld - which I also failed to install on this system, so now I should be in good shape for compiles.

What a pain in the ass. I had to symlink gld to ld in the same directory to get it to work. As Tony would say, "x86 & linux...it just works." Yeah, yeah.

Well, the blastwave package binutils contained everything I needed, however, it put it in a different directory entirely. Rather than just append my PATH I consolidated them all. Complile complete!

Most of what I do really is a frivolous waste of time. For example, the mac mini doesn't reboot very often, and the onboard voice isn't even close to Majel Barrett (yes, I've looked for plugins). But when she does reboot, I've created an Apple Workflow, which is kinda like unix init scripts, with a flair for the flamboyant. She tells me, "System has rebooted, Borg Queen now online." She then runs a unix script which starts SHOUTcast. When that step is complete, she notifies me, "Shoutcast transcoder now transmitting to server." She starts Big Brother and announces, "Big Brother network monitor has been started." No, I'm not on the bridge of Voyager, but it's a nice touch.

I'm still ill, and coughing until I'm lightheaded. I hope to be at least well enough to go into work tomorrow.
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