November 8th, 2005


Frank the LiveJournal goat is REALLY starting to piss me off.

Laundry...The Final Frontier

Was invited to go drinking with Carla and Andy this evening. I really wanted to go, as I have been looking forward to meeting Andy and I wanted a drink. You see, I've been actively searching for both gin, and tonic. UNSUCCESSFULLY! Either I cannot find Seagram's Lime Twisted Gin, or I cannot find tonic water. It's been very frustrating. I finally found some tonic water the second place I stopped today (this was the first time I've made it to the hotel before 2100) and am seriously considering drinking until I can no longer stand. Today was a tough day at the office. I always feel refreshed after a good drunk the night before, so if all goes according to plan, I'll have a fantastic day tomorrow. If I finish my laundry tonight...

Worked 13 hours yesterday. I wasn't going into the office until 0900. Was sitting at my computer checking email and my calendar this morning when I saw that I had an executive refresh interview at 0830. I scalded my throat with a huge drink of coffee, dumped it, jumped in the shower, dressed, shrugged on my coat, and exploded out of the parking lot. I called work, "What time do you have?" I asked. "8:25 one of my guys said."
"I have 0825. I have a meeting with a VP at 0830. I'll make it." I was doing 65 down Lindbergh which is posted at 40. Utilizing both lanes, I hit the freeway at 70, moved into the far left lane, touched 80, moved back over (I'm on the interstate for exactly one exit) and screeched into the parking lot. Dropped my gear, handed my CSC mug to one of my guys and asked him to bring me some coffee to my meeting, and waltzed into the VP's office on time. It was difficult controlling my breathing at this point, and a bead of sweat had formed on my forehead, but the interview was a success by the time it concluded half an hour later.

And that was the best part of my day. It was all downhill from there. Still. You have to find the fun. It's in the little things. I have a FANTASTIC crew, and if it weren't for them, I'd be bored too. As it is, though we get little time to visit on a personal level, damn if it isn't fun at times.

My wife is watching her Tuesday evening shows. I called her at 2000 hours for .8 seconds to tell her that I love her. I'm kinda bored off my ass every evening at the hotel, which is another reason I wanted to go out with Carla and Andy. I feel Andy and I will hit it off almost immediately, and Carla and I NEVER get to finish a conversation because of work. Tomorrow night, I've been invited to see an employee (who has her own gospel CD I hear) perform at Harrah's. I've promised my wife one thing - that I will not gamble. ALL OTHER BETS ARE OFF! Still, as a geographic bachelor I have my responsibilities. An online friend of mine's girlfriend, broke up with him. He worked too much. We discussed this at some length. I mentioned that my wife accuses me of the same thing, putting work before family. "Well do you?" I was asked. Interesting question. I told my wife I work because of my family. To support them. But what is it that drives us men to give 110% at work? I never wanted to be a work-a-holic, and to date, I don't believe I am. My wife does, however. Where's the balance? Perhaps its the gin asking. I think it's Satan, deteriorating the family via work. Our generation is living in the end times. I would have enjoyed drinking with Andy and Carla this evening...

Oh, and I've semi-retired the Dale-II's. I needed something I could wear 13+ plus hours. So I bought these semi-gay shoes. They were over $100 - WTF? People laugh at me. I'm ok with that: