November 23rd, 2005


The Great State of Texas

Finished my bottle of Oak Creek Merlot ($2.99) yesterday - loved it. I think Merlot is my new favorite, and perhaps I'll find a little better wine than Oak Creek as well for my next one. This was followed by a bottle of Spatlese ($11) which was not chilled, but it was bottled in the Rhinehessen area (my fav) and it was TO DIE FOR. Damn I love Spatlese. Andy drinks Yellow Tail Shiraz-Cabernet ($6.99) a 60/40 mix. Not being familar with Shiraz, I bought a bottle of RedBud ($4.99) to try it. It was horrid. I spat it from my mouth. The Shiraz-Cabernet was quite nice though, but the wife ended up drinking all of that, leaving me with the Oak Creek Chardonnay. *Nasty*

Ok, so it's true SomeBritInMass sends me a cuban cigar, and imported catnip for Daisy. However, to date, only one person has dared to send me an entire box of chips and salsa. Inside the box, was a beautiful Texas A&M embossed card which read, "Eric, I thought you might like a little taste of Texas." Dude, one word, AWESOME. Thanks so much It touches me in ways my Kansan wife never could. Thanks David.

Played an awesome game of 'I Spy' branded Go Fish with the wife and our son last night. It was so much fun, but that might have just been the Spatlese. Today at work was very busy, and Carla left early to clean the house for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow - we're looking forward to the festivities there...and to view our local celebrity status on Tivo.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.