December 19th, 2005


Sleep Night

The girls counted my gray hairs last night. I verbally heard, "20" before they declared there were too many to count. Nice.

Saturday evening at Galinda's Lori drank half a bottle of Coconut Rum, creating a situation where she was WIDE AWAKE ALL NIGHT. So we stayed up late and watched Scary Movie 2 which turned out to be much better than 3 but not as good as the first one. "What's next?" My wife asks. That lead us to watch Scream, which neither of us had ever seen. "What's next?" She asks after that movie. Scream 2. Finally, at 0300 she announces, "I'm going to bed." At which point she passed out. Frankenfurter stopped by for a visit, which was nice since I hadn't seen him since Thanksgiving. Lori had lunch with him early last week, however.

House hunted the next day and found another one to put a contract on. However, our realtor is in Rome. Hmmmm.

So tonight is (hopefully) 'Sleep Night.' The night we don't do anything but catch up on sleep. I say hopefully, because I've already fielded a call from the on-call blackberry. Speaking of, my blackberry guy needed someone to test his new BEV server. I, uh, volunteered. So now I'm carrying three devices. *sigh*

The kids are on my Dell X1 on the hotel wireless playing on Garrett's getting good at the touchpad.

So it looks like we may be getting a couple of Bengal's. One cat looks like a snow-leopard, the other, a tiger (if you're familiar with Bengal's.) astro (of TSS fame) is rescuing what sounds like more than a handful of Bengal Cats and put the word out he was looking to offload what may turn out to be TWO LITTERS of kittens! Lori and I answered for two. Hopefully, we'll have the house by then as this will make 5 cats. Of course there's no guarantee we're going to get Speedbump back :( David may fight me for him.

Drank a metric ton of gin this weekend. Good thing tonic's so inexpensive here. Hell man, liquor's inexpensive here, and no blue laws!

Well, time to put them young'uns to bed...

Sleep Night was a failure. Rec'd an Exeuctive Support call about 2100. User's DSL modem reported a virus, wouldn't let her past the router. Had her run a virus scan. Nothing. Suggested she use Trendmicro. An hour later, she terminated the troubleshooting. It's late, she offered. Grrrrr. I was hungry so I ate turkey...had a scooby-snack, and logged onto AIM.

Also, oddest thing, I heard the soundtrack to Broken Arrow in Scream 2. WTF? When I got home I looked it up. Apparently I wasn't the only one to notice. Wes Craven was using the soundtrack to Broken Arrow as fill music during the filming. Apparently, he liked it so much, he asked for, and was given permission to use it, bumping original score music written by the composer - which really pissed him off! Well, I guess I can't use this now as a trivia question on TSS.

Good night.

Stardate 051220.0907:
I also made my lunch for the next day (which I subsequently left at the hotel this morning). Since the night before was NOT a Sleep Night, and I slept on the pull-out sofa with little girl that night, I was surprised that I felt well-rested when I woke up yesterday morning. Funny thing is, I wasn't. I didn't know this, however, until I jarred awake after a dream of skydivers with beautiful, colorful chutes making landings on a the middle of a server meeting! So I inadvertently hit snooze 6 times this morning (I remember distinctly hitting it only once) and, taking a page from the blog of jw (of TSS fame), I awoke an hour late. Fortunately, I had showered the night before, so all I had to do was roll into my clothes, slick my hair back, and hit the road. I have a feeling it's going to be one of those days...