December 23rd, 2005



Bought a house today. And really, I'm only losing 2000 square feet, a bedroom, formal dining room, formal living room, and a second bathroom. And well, the master bedroom is the size of my smallest child's room of the other house, but hey, it's close to work!

Yeah, it's tiny.

So my three year old knows the the capital of the Philippines! Well, not in so many words. We had ice cream the other night and I asked if she wanted Chocolate or Vanilla. She chose "Manila." She also eats cabanas and likes to play with air-filled kablooms.

Was at Target today (as they have no formidable Wal-Mart's here) and found Power Rangers Mystic Force action figures. I bought one of each they had. Hey, I was considering having Yellow Magiranger shipped directly from Japan six months ago for about $50. These were $6.84 plus tax.

What a busy, long week it was at work. And all that in only a 4-day work week. Watched Scream 3 today. It was better than I expected. I NEED to buy the "Scary Movies" though so my wife can watch them. Too funny. Watched it over at Galinda's. Speaking of, this weekend will mark the first time in seven weeks we've ever been apart two full days. Whatever shall I do?

Well, enough about me, what about you?