December 26th, 2005



My boy received some Power Ranger Mystic Force action figures for Christmas. Thing is, they haven't released Mystic Force in the states yet. And I don't know how many 5-year olds in the U.S. have seen nearly every episode of the Japanese Magi Ranger series, but my boy has, despite the fact that he cannot read the English subtitles, nor does he understand Japanese. I'm just curious what other children his age think upon seeing these figures on the shelf, since they have no point of reference. And as little girl loves Strawberry Shortcake, once again, Bandai is getting all my cash!

Talked to Professor Tom on the phone today. Slept late every day. Didn't leave the hotel once today which was nice. Galinda stopped by this evening for a delightful time. Watched The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Scary Movie. Going to Toys-R-Us tomorrow to let the children blow their Xmas wad, and will probably end up doing weekly grocery shopping and seeing Galinda. I just hope everyone out there is having as much fun as I am!