January 3rd, 2006


Two Thousand Six

Good morning.

Yes, I enjoyed my time away from the office, no, I did not do anything special during the New Year holiday, and that made it perfect.

Lost a circuit here at the office this morning. Severely limited network connectivity across both buildings I am responsible for. Just the thing for 300+ users syncing their data for the first time in two weeks. Lovely, lovely, lovely. The good news is I only work a 4-day work week this week. The bad news is its going to feel like seven.

Some asshole backed into my car sometime this weekend, damaging the trunk. I hate people.

Ate lobster fried rice, spinach couscous, bermuda peppers, drank a tonne of gin, and settled on a local Missouri wine made in the tradition of Auslese. Now, it's not Spatlese, but at $6.50 a bottle, I'm a new Missouri wine fan. Watched The Dukes of Hazzard and The Skeleton Key.

Lori turned 39. Again.

Having a bad hair day.

Brought fried-turkey sammaches for lunch.

I've been reading this vampire series by local author Laurell K. Hamilton. I'm on book three. Last night I went to sleep and dreamt all night about several vampire gangs all vying for control of the city. Some I supported, some I did not. I was pivotal in getting key players in each gang to support or destroy other gangs, while simultaneously bringing only the champion of each to a specific location, on time, in order to not appear to have been playing both sides against the middle. "A dream about vampires?" I was asked, "Was it scary?" The answer is no, but it was a logistical nightmare! I awoke exhausted.

I wear a coat and tie to the office everyday. We don't have 'Casual Friday' here, nor are any denim items allowed on site. Being the troublemaker I am, I have seriously considered finding a denim tie to wear to work, but that's just a fantasy of mine. Nonetheless, the week between Christmas and New Years, they allowed all employees (there was like, 4 of us in the building that week) to wear jeans. What bliss! What comfort! Alas, no more. I need a hair cut.