January 23rd, 2006


The Art of Negotiation

A close friend of mine once suggested the book Financial Peace Revisited because it changed his life. I read it twice. Today, for the first time, I applied what I learned in that book. The wife and I have been shopping for a new bed. Beds are very expensive. Shopping around is very difficult, as no store carries the exact model, and its been difficult finding a baseline in which to compare. At one store their best was, $1600. At another, $1900. Today, we found the most luxurious of all for $2500. Nothing I laid on thereafter compared. My wife was furious. She did NOT want to spend $2500 on a bed. She wanted to just go back, and get the $1600 bed. I asked her to leave. The $2500 bed will be delivered Wednesday...for $1600! HA HA! The art of negotiation is not lost!

Since we sold everything when we left Texas, and since we're living on a cash-only basis, and since our down-payment has been spent, we're buying major appliances on a paycheck-by-paycheck basis. Maybe by the time we're ready to sell the house, we'll have everything we need...
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