February 28th, 2006


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My boy discovered one of his friends at school lives next door. They played outside yesterday. Each of the boys brought out some trucks. My daughter brought out some dolls. They didn't want to play with her and her dolls. She came back in and asked, "Will you find me some girl friends daddy?" So we walked around the block last night looking for girl friends for my daughter. We were unsuccessful :(

The American release of the Japanese MagiRanger premiered last week. I Tivo'd it for my son and finally got a chance to watch most of it last night. Mystic Force Power Rangers. It's amazing how they can change the entire story, and still use the Japanese fight scenes. Its also amazing how bad this is comparatively.

Looking into a console DVD recorder now that I have a Tivo. Found an off-brand on target.com for $119 that also has a USB port on it. Sweet!

Set up my CentOS/RaQ 550 box. The update URL is a non-working address, but a co-worker of mine managed to fine a mirror of sorts which works with the software update just fine. There is of course a lot more to this than meets the eye, so I'll be playing with my test box in scripting updates automatically and locking down the system before I deploy it at home (on my new anemic 384kbps connection).

In other news, they've just released a new mac mini with an optional dual-core Intel chip and other fantastic updates that makes mine suddenly feel like an old first-gen Macintosh :=)