March 17th, 2006


Broadband Blues

I called Covad on the status of my installation. I was told, "They canceled the installation." Hmmm. I asked, "Were they going to contact me to inform me of that?" Apparently I'm 17,000' from the CO, something they were unaware of until they tech actually checked the line from my residence. Grrrr. So I called Charter Cable. 3.0Mbps down/256kpbs up. It's getting worse. But at $42/mo. Something I suppose I could live with. So I ordered it, forgetting I needed a static IP. *eyeroll* A quick call to Charter and I was told they have a 5.0Mpbs down/512kbps up! FANTASTIC! Only $8 more a month! However, I still can't get a static IP with my cable modem because of "new laws" unless I get a business cable account, which is a "considerable" difference in price. *sigh* I can't win here. It's a racket! So I call the business-side, and of course, they aren't allowed to give me any information at all. Only to take my name and number and wait for a call...

OK. So the Charter Sales team called me back. It sounds like their business-class connection is Top-Notch. I don't ever call a 1-800 number, rather, I deal directly with my sales guy. They set my speed 'slightly-higher' than anticipated, to survive a 5% fluctuation, and I have business-class service (unlike the Boyd Ranch Data Center 640/640 SDSL where there were zero SLA's and they treated me like a residential customer...) I get my static IP, and unlike DSL or residential cable, my connection is not shared. FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC. However, the only thing standing between me and them, is price. Here's how it breaks down:

512/128 $ 70
1.5/256 $ 85
3.0/384 $110
5.0/512 $175

Not what I would call conservatively priced, and I cannot afford the $175 a month, but with a two-year contract, they'll give me the 3.0/384 for $100/mo. Now then: Do I revert back to SBC and get the same speeds (2.4/350 actual) for $75/mo. or order this cable connection? Both are 2-year contract.

In other news, despite the fact that I am neither Catholic, nor Irish, my wife required me to wear green today, to lessen the temptation of the 300 women here to 'pinch' me.

Also, the new Dr. Who is premiering, which I am watching only because there is no BSG tonight. I bid you all a FANTASTIC weekend.


Wife called. SBC was threatening to disconnect our service due to non-payment (when I had my DSL deactivated, I told them to remove all charges; Furthermore, I instructed my wife to pay them only pur phone charges, no matter what she was billed....this left a balance of $83). I called SBC, had the $83 removed from my bill (free-modem & installation with expert (read static-IP) package) and while I had them on the phone...had them reactivate my DSL. Ta-da. Fast forward a month or so, and I'm right back where I was, with one minor change: I'M THRILLED ABOUT IT THIS TIME! 3.0/384, static IP, $50/mo. Life suddenly has possibilities again.
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