March 22nd, 2006



Things have changed. They always do. The individual who was supporting an offsite meeting couldn't make it. It was dropped back in my lap. I have no one I can send. We're at 50% staff with me going on vacation this week. My boss, always keen to an opportunity, makes me an offer I cannot refuse to support the meeting in Fort Worth while I'm there on vacation.

New timeline:

060322: Depart for Wichita.
060323: Setup Win98 box for Mother-in-Law.
060324: Depart for Texas/Kids at folks/Overnight at Dave & Wendy's.
060325: Check into hotel/Spend day at folks/Troubleshoot WinXP box.
060326: Lounge around/Pick up rental car/Working dinner at the Renaissance.
060327: Provide IT Support at the Renaissance.
060328: Provide IT Support at the Renaissance.
060329: 1/2 Day IT Support at the Renaissance.
060330: Pick up U-Haul and begin loading of household goods.
060331: Depart for Wichita.
060401: Depart for STL.
060402: Unload.
060403: Unload/Attempt to create order from chaos.
060404: Return U-Haul/Attempt to create order from chaos.
060405: Return to work???

Another meme snatched from vember:

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Introduced Galinda to Shiner Bock last night. Give'er a little taste of Texas!

Installed a mil-spec hardened Xbox in my shed for when Tony turns into a zombie.

Having lunch, then departing. Take care.

No, I did not wake up with the head of a horse between my sheets this morning.

Yes, it was chicken-fried steak (St. Louis-style) for lunch.

Oh, and the new girl who's been here two weeks? She turned in her two-week notice.