April 16th, 2006


Easter Weekend in an Easter Nutshell

Installed a surround sound system in my house...for $57. That was the price of the Logitech X-530 5.1 system at Sam's. Everywhere else they're $75. It came with it's own stereo mini-male to RCA converter, so I took back the $10 worth of parts I picked up at Radio Shack in anticipation of this project. The wife was moaning the entire time, "Why do we have to do this?" And, "I like how it sounds just coming out of the TV." Then I put on The Soprano's and her face lit up and she began nodding at the theme songs pounding out the subwoofer. She likes the new system. Saved some bucks too, doing it this way.

In updating my iTunes database to include the newest Power Rangers: Mystic Force, I ran across the submission by the original composer, Aaron Waters. I played it for my six-year-old, who much prefers it over the rap-song (yo!) the producers chose. Funny, I wonder if they asked any six-year-old's before making their decision. I doubt it.

Replaced my grill. Same make and model as the one I left in Texas. Assembled my second grill in as many years. Tiring. I hate buying things twice. I'll send Dad a Father's Day card letting him know he can keep my old one. He's going to LOVE that.

Unpacked the Krups, cleaned it, and immediately made a demi-tasse of expresso. It's been oh, so long. It was fantastic!

Completed Season One of The Sopranos. Not bad. I've never seen Scarface. I loved Godfather III. Been listening to the soundtrack a lot. The Sinatra and the Main Title mostly. Good stuff.

Currently downloading DVD cover art for my blank cases, as the wife found a Magnavox console DVD recorder for under $100 and I have just under two dozen movies on Tivo awaiting a home. Got a 50-pack of the slim cases at Sam's for something like, 12 bucks, so am having to photoshop the spine to get the title to fit. So far so good. Tony's had issues with his Magnavox, so I'm going to burn off these movies pretty quick hoping if it goes tango-uniform it does so during the first 30-days of use. Other than that, this will make a nice little addition to my collection.

Was sitting here listening to the V for Vendetta score. Pretty good stuff. I've decided I'll wait for it to come out on PPV, Tivo it, then burn it to DVD. Better than the theater!