May 8th, 2006


The Matrix

Monday, Monday

Couldn't use text messaging this morning, the firefox update crashed firefox (with my weekly tabs already open no less), Ad-aware and Spybot found 90 items collectively (most of them IE related, despite the fact I don't use IE), my Outlook & Notes accounts are so full, they won't close properly, defrag is crawling, and I had over 15 voice messages this morning, most of them from vendors, I have to pick up my Bengal kittens sometime this morning, I'm hungry, I'll be working late today (at the Sister's - adding & deleting user accounts), iTunes can't find my library due to a corrupted file...and I've had to reboot this thing three times before 1100! Perhaps it just feels slow since I've been using my uber-box at home?

So good to me

Dreamed last night that I was trying to get an audience with data10 who was running his business out of an abandoned hotel in the middle of nowhere, but his two oldest sons (who were both middle-aged CEO's) kept blocking me from seeing him. I could get glimpses of him every now and again, and he always wore his political baby-kissing smile, and doing the Queen's wave.

I also dreamed I went to an interview for a unix admin position. This nice-looking lady was doing the interview, and had brought her entire staff with her. Two of them I had met before, but they didn't remember me. It was in a dark hotel room (what's with all the hotels?) and there were lots of drinks and laughing. I was assured the job. I didn't think twice about this short dream until I was asked for my resume today - wtf???

Then I dreamed that I was having a fight with my wife. But I'd look back up and it was galinda822. So then we'd start arguing and it was my wife again. This went on and on. I woke up exhausted.

Monday, Monday

Tickets, emails, and phone calls coming in back-to-back like crazy. astro just called, he's 30 miles out. I'm 10-minutes away. I'm bringing Carla with me to help pick which two kittens we want from the litter. How will my Maine Coon take to this? WE DON'T KNOW!

It was all I hoped it would be.

Yes, I know this song has been posted recently but only today am I feeling the ramifications of leading such a busy life...and a busy dreamlife after hours as it turns out. So much on my mind...all the time.

Oh Monday morning

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Monday morning couldn't guarantee

Got a call from astro. He told me what highway he was on, I set a meeting place. Left work, drove to meeting point. They ended up on a parallel highway. Set a secondary meeting place. Tore-ass across town. Secondary meeting point had been razed. Made an impromptu thrid meeting place - he was three minutes behind me. It was nice seeing astro and his family again. They were travelling in a lumbering R.V., pulling a horsetrailer, preceded by the brother-in-law in a Jeep pulling a car. Only a lack of a rocking chair lashed to the top prevented it from looking straight out of The Beverly Hillbillies. Ok, that's not true, but it sounded funny. All the Bengal kittens were sleeping on the massive dash of the R.V. so I gave them and their mama's some lovin' and picked out two. My wife is naming the one with three legs, 'Trinity' and that being said, I'm thinking of naming the other one, 'Niobe.' I wish them a safe trip!

That Monday evening

Just heard from my daughter. She likes holding the kitties. I hope to game tonight.

You would still be here with me.