May 10th, 2006


There are only two possible explanations: either no one told me, or no one knows.

Skoal, caught mid-air doing a whirling dual-wield attack!

Gamed two hours last night, from 2100-2300. Paused the game before I went to bed, but the box rebooted in the middle of the night for updates. Don't think I saved so...will replay again tonight. No worries, I'm not exactly in a hurry to finish the game. What's the point in that?

My boy and I have been reading a page from "The Great Castle Search" each evening. He loves the Great Search series of books. I learned about Motte & Bailey castles and palisades.

The kitties are already housebroken (thanks astro!) and have been ceaselessly exploring. Daisy still hides from them, but they pay her no notice. They don't cry at night, but during the day, when they're out, they use a series of echolocation to find each other if they are out of visual range. Now THAT can get annoying, but it seems to work for them. They will get darker as they mature, developing tiger-stripes or leopard spots, and their wild animal-like pelt will thicken; I got to pet the mothers and they were awesome. I was only able to get these pics because they had just awoken from a mid-afternoon catnap and were still a little groggy:

Headache is gone and I feel fantastic. Its been a busy morning, it always is - but when you're in a great mood, you really don't seem to mind; it's an opportunity to shine!

Still firming up plans for this weekend. I think we're going to watch The Sopranos Friday evening, and the wife is going to finish painting the dining room (and possibly start the living room) Saturday. If she does that, I'll entertain the children downstairs with movies and Hot Wheels.

(12:25:31 PM) EricHowton: Have you heard the good news?
(12:25:35 PM) EricHowton: HE HAS RISEN.
(12:25:50 PM) galinda822: Who?
(12:26:01 PM) EricHowton: Tony's awake!

The sky is gray and its raining buckets. I love it! Of course that always means the children will be underfoot when I get home instead of riding their bikes...

Then there is drax0r who is an outspoken proponent of not deleting posts...his own posts, that is, as it turns out, as he has recently deleted one of mine. The great operatic composer Wagner thought that no opera should ever be more than two hours long, else one would lose interest. He himself, however, composed operas over four (4) hours long. He felt the rules should apply to everyone but himself. Much like our friend draxor here:

Thanks for playing!