May 12th, 2006



Nothing is ever as easy as it sounds...

The changes you see are all a part of a month long work-in-progress. As an old-skool admin, I've been jealously eyeing the console terminal look; at the same time I loved the light/dark split background image effect I created for my most recent look. All I desired was a sidebar. Countless hours of compiling new CSS and I couldn't get the sidebar on that layout, nor could I integrate a secondary image in the context box area of another layout. So, I followed my gut (always lead with the gut) instinct and merged the best I could of what I wanted. I now have my sidebar, an updated background image (which took longer than I would have liked - retaining the look and feel of the old one) and my wyse-terminal appearance. I also prefer reading and posting comments in the exact theme, but again, apparently, you can't have it all. So far, the response has been overwhelmingly negative. Except from old-skool admins like myself. Which is cool with me.

Yesterday I rec'd a call from my V.P. Last time he called me concerning a board member, I had to send of of my guys to an island off the coast of California to tell the gentleman he could not run a current version of IE on his Macintosh (don't ask). Yesterday, I personally had to go to a convent to diplomatically help some Sisters print a pdf. I brought my Windoze guy with me; He hobbed-knobbed with the board member, and I hung out with a rather cool Networking Nun while we talked Firefox. She rocked.

I hate finding button-down Polo shirts on sale at Dillard's for 75% off then discovering all they have left are sizes 'Small' and 'Extra-Small.' Asses.

My wife will have me in a genital-cuff if I don't get my expense report submitted soon.

Then Firefox crashed taking my beautifully cultivated tab-farm with it! Grrrrrr. That's twice now since the new core update for those who are keeping count. Of course, I was hammering this laptop so much yesterday, it had to expand it's 1024MB virtual memory! Stupid laptops. I wish I worked from home on my computer with my DSL connection.

Peace out, bro. I've got beer to drink.
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