May 14th, 2006



The Last Castle is, to me, a drama. It's about people. It's the plot which tells the story. But on the back cover of the DVD, they show the three scenes in which there was 'action.' You see James Gandolfini holding a gun, Robert Redford ducking for cover with an exploding helicopter in the background, and one other explosion still. Not really indicative of the movie, mind you but if some casual passerby were to glance at it, they might think it was an action-packed movie, and that's just gay.

My wife rec'd Munich as a Mother's Day gift. She had expressed interest in seeing it. Why? Because the commerical spots linked the few 'action' shots back-to-back and made it look like a Robert Ludlum movie come to film. Boy was she disapointed. Screw those people trying to make a buck off a lie. I hope to hell that comes back and bites them in the ass - i.e. they would have sold more to those interested in a docu-drama than an action film, but didn't purchase it because of the crap they released as a trailer. "Piracy is STEALING" the new ad's on DVD's say. Guess what else is stealing? Misrepresenting a movie to get people to buy it!

When I bought The Professional on laserdisc, the tagline from a recent review read, "Makes [the movie] Speed look like a walk to grandmother's house." Well, although I enjoyed The Professional much more than Speed, I felt that not only was that an inaccurate assessment of the movie, it was also misleading to those who watched it based on that. Asses.

Watched six P&T:BS episodes today on and off. Nearly caught up. Only six more to go! Yes, I've been hoarding them.

Most non-Texans don't know the difference between grilling, and BBQ'ing. What I do, is grill. I am the grill master! I fire up the grill, turn the heat way up, to say, 700 degrees, slap some meat on it, sear the everlivingshit out of it, close the lid, and lower the temperature, turning usually only once. It comes out, well, perfect. BBQ'ing on the other hand - usually involves some sort of sauce, and very low heat, requiring ceaseless turning of meat, and generous basting. Now, that's not to say I don't BBQ, I just usually prefer grilling. Today, I did both, which was the first time I've BBQ'd at the new place. It was quite an exciting smell, walking out on the back deck and smelling the sauce dripping onto the flash plates. It was a good day for it, as it's been unseasonably cool this past week and into the weekend. High 50's. Could'nt ask for anything better. The wife loved it.

So on my 'friends' page, I subscribe to the BSG RSS feed, which, though a little spammy, has been invaluable in providing me the information I need to know, when I need to know it. For example, those little die-cast toys on my desk? I bought them the day the feed told me they were at Target, and I haven't seen them since! Furthermore, and astro, pay attention, they just told me that Amazon is accepting pre-orders for the Season Two soundtrack! w00t!

Yes, I took that pic, in my own bathtub. Scary isn't it?