May 27th, 2006


I'm Batman

Ended up watching Aeon Flux. It was pretty good. I hope Ultraviolet is better. Thought I heard Eric Serra in the score, turns out it was Graeme Revell. Not to shabby. To date, the only Graeme Revell I don't despise is The Saint. I LOVE that one.

Steaks were perfect, spuds were perfect (started them about half an hour before I threw the steaks on) and stir-grilled some snap peas that came out crunchy, but flavorful. Tecate, Carta Blanca, Dos Equis, and Dos Equis Amber throughout. What a wonderful end to the week!

So it looks like a .5 terabyte RAID vault is not quite in the cards. I have something like 3.5GB left on my internal mac drive (st0rage). I do have another anemic 30GB laptop drive which,if coupled with a USB 2.0 enclosure would increase st0rage at least until the vault thing comes to fruition. Yes, the entire internal drive of the mini is iTunes, currently sitting at 34GB.


Picked up the following soundtracks:

Over the Hedge
Deep Impact
The Island

Back up your computer, upgrade storage capacity or easily transfer files with this stylish, compact and user-friendly drive. Expand your digital life by storing more photos, videos, music, and files with the LaCie mini drive - the ideal companion hard drive for Mac mini. Its unique 4-corner crown fits seamlessly into the underside of the Mac mini to create a stable, symbiotic harmony. The LaCie mini drive was brilliantly engineered to allow for a natural cooling airflow to move between these two drives for greater heat dissipation. It offers convenient plug & play and ultra-quiet operation. Stack several LaCie mini drives under the Mac mini for additional capacity or use it with any other computer with a FireWire connection.

I gotta admit, I could give a rat's ass about buffer size, arial density, or platter rotation speed. As long my new drive contains symbiotic harmony, I'm good. I'm good.

Watched Batman Begins this afternoon, and I must admit, I really enjoyed it. I found it interesting and engaging. It was well cast, and they did a good job. I also enjoyed the score immensely as an accompaniment to the movie, much more so than standalone. Then later, when my inlaws called as they had arrived in town early - I loaded up the kids and slid behind the wheel of my wife's black Saturn wagon, which felt then and there, like the batmobile! I drove as such. What fun! The sound of the engine in movie was great. And I really enjoyed the pod-racing sound of the engine braking in the turns. Every stunt in that car was real, no CGI for this Batmobile!

Well, I'm yawning, Tony's listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn, David's drinking beer, Carla's already asleep, and Tom is back on crack.