May 29th, 2006


Memorial Day

I'm drunk on margarita's.

My Final Fantasy Collection

Dreamed about the second half of Battlestar Galactica Season Two. I won't tell you about it because I dreamed spoilers.

Successfully migrated all my iTunes data to my new 160GB drive. It rocks harder. $60!

Just ate leftover fire-burgers from yesterday - they're fantastic!

Carla here. That r0x.

Tony is my hetero-life mate and I miss him. It's like...twins being separated. It hurts.

Every neighborhood kid with in a mile came to swim in the pool today. We were all drunk on margarita's so we didn't care.

I'm Texan. I like George Strait.

I snatched open the humirdor and lit a cigar for galinda822 and myself. They were fantastic

I have my 'Stephen Segal' in.

Daisy is the most beautiful cat on earth.

I'm going to bed now.