May 30th, 2006


No Rest for the Wicked

Long day at work. Came home to more work. My wife and her father had picked up the pantry for the kitchen, and he was waiting for me to get home to help him move everything in and start installing it. Then my daughter locked her bedroom door. It was the master bedroom and had a key lock. I had to punch out the doorknob just to get in her room. I'll have to replace that with a non-locking doorknow tomorrow. So during the electrical part of the kitchen, my father-in-law killed the power to all the computers during the move of the kitchen outlet, which corrrupted my recently moved iTunes database. No problem, I update the shortcuts and...nothing. Busted assed. I estimate I've only lost 10GB of songs. Oh, I still have them on spinning disk, just not in the database. I'm not too happy. I am considering (because I now have the drive space) re-importing EVERYTHING. This could take hours and I'm sure I'll lose my hard-earned and tediously perfect album art. Add to that when the computer rebooted, it brought up my old sc-trans executable which is pointing to the now non-existant iTunes path creating a 40GB log file which filled my primary drive. *sigh* Again, I'm not very happy about all of this, and dreading any course of action I need to take. Even though I have every piece of album art online, it's in quark's gallery - which is offline until I get my firewall in place, which is even more time. I'm exhausted.

Tried a variety of things; moving errant folders into the iTunes folders, 'resetting' my path (which appeared to re-read the database) and 'consolidating' my music, but I think the entire time it was simply working off the corrupted database which does me no good. Furthermore, my new 160GB drive is formatted with FAT-32. How gay is that?


One last thing. I've noticed in the past with iTunes, if I select an entire folder to 'Add to Library' as opposed to shift-select'ing them...I sometimes get multiples of the songs. I'll get 26-tracks of a 13-track album. I'm really scared to 'Add to Library' my entire 42GB worth of music because of this. I could be creating more a headache once this operation is complete. And I'm unsure if it will complete the 8-hours I am asleep...


Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Ok - it's kicked off. 9637 songs x 1 second per song / 60 = ~3 hours. Not too bad I guess. Lost my 'last played' and 'Play Count' too. *sigh* That's how I keep track of what I've listened to and when. I also lose my 'Date Added' which is how I like to keep my playlist arranged. I bet I'm too angry to sleep tonight.

This sucks so bad.

An entire dynasty - lost!

I am so sick and tired of computers. I think I' something else for a living. Digging ditches sounds like fun.

...time passes...

Ok, let's be reasonable. Perhaps, just perhaps - I can recreate the lost 10GB (mostly that Final Fantasy collection) with this new database...extract what was lost from it; reinstate the old database and add to it what I lost. I'm sure that's the next course of action. Now if I just had the time to accomplish all that.

So tired...

To do: Research a good distro of OpenSolaris...