June 2nd, 2006

Drop Ship


I'm still trying to decide if Tony's glaciphobia pertains to fear of alpine glaciers, continental glaciers, or just fear of glaciers in general. Because this is a sensitive subject for him, I never discuss it outright, rather, I try to pick up on associated fears to pinpoint what exactly about glaciers frighten him (though even I admit that glaciofluvial sediments are a touch scary). I don't think his fear of swimming fish is a puzzle piece, (though I was hoping for a good lead) as its not quite ichthyophobia which leads me to conclude that his fear of swimming fish is not a true phobia, rather, taking my lead from psychologists from the University of Arkansas who claim that homophobia is not an actual phobia because it's caused by disgust, not fear or anxiety, that his is completely unrelated. As I discover more, I'll gladly post here on this fascinating topic.

Dreamed that danzigfried and I were going into business together. From what I recall, however, we were dodging the gangland underworld quite a bit. I have no idea why. Perhaps I suffer from bolshephobia, the fear of Bolsheviks?

In an unrelated dream last night, I was packing my stuff as quickly as possible to move the hell out of Missouri. We were going to back to Texas. galinda822 was quite distraught, and kept questioning why, but all I could tell her was, "I gotta get outta here." This one I'm pretty sure stems from my fear of change, metathesiophobia.

schpydurx suggested backing up my iTunes to prevent further corruption. After careful consideration I've decided that he's right. Although it's sure easier to make flippant comments than to actually troubleshoot solutions, I think I'll cron a script to backup the database. That should protect me from any future occurences of this nature. As to backing up the entire iTunes library however...And I'm pretty sure this one is dead balls on with sectoratychiphobia the fear of hard drive failure.

Echoing my chronophobia or fear of time, I would LOVE to see The Barber of Seville at the Saint Louis Opera, and since Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is an entire year away, this is something I could do in the meantime. I really don't have the time for these excursions, but I'd sure like to make time for some of them.

And because I'm not here to poke fun at Tony, here's a list of common phobia that does not aflict him:

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