June 3rd, 2006



Watched the Blade Trilogy for the first time this weekend.

Un-fux0rd my iTunes database.

Listened to the XM channel 'CineMagic' on and off, and they played some great stuff.

Looked at a $14,000 exercise machine.

Tried to price a street legal Indy car.

Watched almost my first full NASCAR race with my father-in-law (who was asleep on the couch).

I've been trying to challenge or bait This guy, but so far, no luck. He prefers yes/no answers to his sometimes dumb questions.

Took the kids to the St. Louis Zoo. It was a nice day for it, but very crowded, and possibly the worst laid-out I've come across yet.

Previewed the new Superman Returns score here. Very impressed with Tracks 4, 6, 8 & 12 and was dumbfounded by their choice for the Main Title - the original Williams?!?!?

Started Soul Plane and probably won't finish it.

Want to see Adam Sandler & Christopher Walken in Click when it comes out.

Added over 100 Rhapsody songs to my playlist, on some advice I found on lj (Thanks C.) Listened to about a fifth of it so far.

Several of the animals were mating at the zoo, but none as loud as this guy, who was really vocal: