June 5th, 2006



I have an immediate need for all four Alien scores, and I have swashbuckler332 to thank for this. After reading swashbuckler's revisited mix album, it dawned on me I didn't actually own any of the soundtracks! All my Alien music is on Telarc discs - bits and pieces you understand. Thus begins my quest.

Apparently, the first film is out of print. Damn. The horrifically commuted "Alien Trilogy" soundtrack looks like crap, but I did find the 1999 release DVD which contains the full score as a separate audio track on the DVD for under $10 at Amazon. Thanks for the heads up, again, swashbuckler!

The second film comes in a remastered 'second edition' score which I will have to sneak by the wife to purchase, and the third film will be a sneak as well. I figure in a month I might have them all. I can get away with ordering the DVD because I have the middle two films on laserdisc, and she wants me to replace all my laserdiscs with DVD's. THAT'S going to be a chore. I'll probably never get rid of my Matrix laserdisc - one of the final releases on that media.

The fourth film's score is $4 used on Amazon. Wow.

I'm a little obsessive this way, you know.

And I'm now going to go out and purchase Homeworld 2, a game I've never before played, based on THIS alone. If you still don't get it, watch the trailer. Wow. Also, Firefly writer Jane Espenson will be writing an episode for BSG Season Three. Wow again. I don't know how I'm going to be able to contain myself until all this goodness comes to fruition. Click the image for a direct link to the trailer:

Rec'd a nice gift this past weekend, galinda822 apparently tired of hearing be bitch about not having Office Space to watch with her...bought me the Special Edition release! Woo-hoo; now we're cooking with fire! Perhaps we'll get a chance to watch it together during Friday's Movie Night? Thanks galinda! I'll grill up something special for the occation ;)