June 7th, 2006


Never give up. Never surrender.

As long as there is injustice, whenever a Targathian baby cries out, wherever a distress signal sounds among the stars, we'll be there. This fine ship, this fine crew.

I was given a simple task: Order business-DSL for my two sites, for a wireless implementation project off domain. No problem. Unfortunately, most telecom's refuse to publish their phone number online. *sigh* Once that hurdle was overcome, the order process was just as easy as when I used them for my home setup, and, as it turns out, just as fux0rd. My boss was pressuring me to get this accomplished quickly, as we were behind on project deadline. Great. Why something they don't involve me with until it's dropped in my lap is my responsibility, is, I suppose, why I'm here. I was downright gleeful when I was told the installations could proceed as early as the next day! My boss would be pleased. We use our own cabling company, so the would follow up the next day to extend the line from the DMARK to the server room, both sites. That all fell apart this morning. Come to find out, they'd only scheduled one site for the line to be run, even though I'd scheduled our vendor for both places today. And when I called about this, I get the run around, along with the news that my office was responsible for the self-install modem which would be shipped separately? I didn't order a self-install modem. Why was I told I could get a quote when someone else told me you don't give quotes? I didn't give you shipping information or an 'attention to' contact for a modem delivery. HOW DO YOU DO BUSINESS WITH BUSINESSES? I just wish, sometimes, people on the other end of the phone would take more responsibility. I run across it every now and then, and it's always refreshing. If I passed the buck like these people do, I wouldn't have a job.

It's like throwing gasoline on a flame.

Spoke to Bill for 30+ minutes yesterday. It was the most fun I've had in weeks.

Are you enjoying your Kep-mok blood ticks, Dr. Lazarus?

The reason I enjoy watching Office Space is because it has a tendency to shift my paradigm and see work in it's proper perspective, for a time at least. It usually wears off, but damn what a new outlook on life and work when you show up (late) the next day after watching that movie.

You know, with all that makeup and stuff, I actually thought you were SMART for a second.

So I've been shopping for a mac mini for galinda822. Funny thing about Apple - they set all the prices in all the stores. You cannot buy an Apple without Apple telling you how much you will pay for it. An interesting news article on chrisbarrett77's personal site blog in which Apple announces that Best Buy will start selling Macintosh computers. Unfortunately for us consumers, that means nothing at all, since the price of Apple computers at Best Buy will be the same price as everywhere else you could ever think to buy an Apple. Because there's no competition in price, there's no 'best' place to purchase. And another Apple oddity: Whenever they release a new or faster product, the old product it replaces - STAYS THE SAME HIGH PRICE AS THE NEWER MODEL! Fantastic. So, let's take stock of what we know: Brand-spanking new Intel 'solo' core mini's with half a gig of RAM and aircards are $599. New older-model, busted-assed G4 mini's with 256MB of RAM and modems are $599. Used mini's are $599. Hmmm, whatever shall we get her? Grrrrrr.

Sorry, I was - door was a little sticky. Did you see that? I'll get one of my boys up here with a can of WD-40.

A couple of weeks ago I posted concerning the number of comments I have rec'd on this site ordered by lj user. While most sane persons view this as an interesting but totally useless tidbit of triva, other, less sane people begin posting multiple, single-word comments to drive up their ranking. Riddle me this, Batman - How can you drive up your ranking if I begin deleting multiple, single-word comments?

Well, the Protector got super-accelerated coming out of the black hole, and it, like, nailed the atmosphere at Mach 15, which, you guys know, is pretty unstable, obviously, so we're gonna help Laredo guide it on the vox ultra-frequency carrier and use Roman candles for visual confirmation.