June 12th, 2006


My Sunday

Dreamed galinda822 and my wife were dining together at a steakhouse. I decided I wanted to go, so I jumped out of bed and wrapped myself in the comforter, and walked over to the restaurant. There I am, standing at the "Please wait to be seated" sign wearing nothing but my comforter. The waitress just stared at me, and I walked past her saying, "My party is already here."

Three new BSG toys for my desk have just been announced, I'll submit my own pictures when I get them (this may mean another whirlwind trip to Target in the middle of the day, galinda):

And speaking of BSG, even though I listened to my new soundtrack all weekend, it was not the most conducive of environments in which to actually enjoy music. I did, however, get a good five minutes of listening done on the drive into work this morning (when I had a 75 minute one-way commute, this was never an issue). Allegro so far is my favorite. A mixture of last seasons The Shape of Things to Come & Passacaglia and yet, so very complex. Its hard to explain the emotions that particular piece invokes, and I'm sure its partly where I was in life when the previous two songs were released, the admiration of the complexity in that composition, and the nostalgia of the other two songs...I could never be a composer, but I so enjoy the fruits of their labor. Black Market is unlike anything on the previous two albums - yet very enjoyable (I prefer the scoring over the episode!) but I found I didn't like A Promise to Return as much as I wanted to; especially being a string quartet.

In other news, I nearly deleted Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire from iTunes and snapped my disc in half. I was initially excited to see Patrick Doyle take the reins on this project (I loved Needful Things) but the occasional break in score with the horrid rock tracks intertwined broke my concentration too much to enjoy it. I think I'll delete those tracks, and burn a new disc to replace the one in the jewel-case. *shiver*

Did absolutely nothing Sunday, and it was fantastic. Well, almost absolutely nothing. I did run over to galinda's to work on an ongoing project with her (turn a handmade entertainment center into a desk) but was stopped halfway when I realized I required my circular saw, which is still packed away somewhere. Then I spent several hours on and off deleting a trojan from my XP box which I myself put there. Fun, fun. I ran across an issue I haven't yet solved with my iTunes. I was updating album art (long overdue) and came across an album (Independence Day) that would not 'take' the art. Further investigation revealed that I could change all the other fields, until I went to play them, then they reverted back to the original import information. Other than that, I didn't do anything Sunday. Watched Sci-Fi's Arabian Nights and was pleased to see James Callis (Baltar) playing Prince Ahmed...