June 13th, 2006



It's not that I can't sleep. It's that so rarely do I get the opportunity.

Yesterday - great day at work. Cool and high of 77-degrees, work was steady without being slow or overwhelming. In a word, perfect. But I get a call from my boss. When he's in town, he's the the go-to man to get things fixed. Which sometimes involves me driving to downtown St. Louis in the midst of rush-hour traffic.

The good news is that this ain't Dallas. St. Louis is tiny comparatively. But by the time I get get to actual 'downtown' what with traffic and all, I sit through 5 conncurrent lights 8 cycles each - that's annoying. I wanted to scream. I have galinda822 guiding me in on my cell phone, as I'm trying to get to an unfamiliar hotel. "Where are you now?" she asks, wanting to precisely manuver me to my destination. "The same place I was five minutes ago."

There were two senior-VP's at this meeting, and countless other VIP's. Now I wouldn't say I was 'hobknobing' but I did run into a few people I hadn't seen in six years or so, and did take advantage of that and meet some new people. I was there until 1900. Screaming down the interstate on my way out, I'm home in something like 15 minutes. Change clothes, dinner, kids to bed, I'm not even on the computer before I'm in bed at 2130. I remember opening my eyes at 2300 and thinking, fsck, but it was a fleeting thought as I was down for the count. Which would have been a great story - except I have a 0600 conference call the next day! People, I don't even get out of bed until after 0700!

Then, at 0400, I am filled with thunderous fury as my wife's wristwatch alarm clock goes off...and beeps...for a full 30 seconds. I want to choke her in her sleep. But alas, I'm too tired to even roll over.

I have my alarm set for 0530, but am awoken seven minutes early by my cell phone. Woe is me! What fresh hell is this? Apparently, the early girl forgot her keys, could she swing by my house this morning and get mine? "Of course." I tell her. She feels bad for waking me, but she shouldn't - it was that asshole and his 0600 conference call. Only the early girl has the dial-in information, and I'm impressed that she actually stopped at the "STOP" sign at the end of my road, as she was driving backwards down the road, Hooper-style. Then reversed out into the other lane and continued on her way.

I never heard from her again.

I never made the call.


User calls in a ticket after her wireless mouse stops responding for the second day in a row...after she'd unplugged the USB base unit.

I've worked more hours the past 6 years than anyone else I know. Except maybe my lawyer. And my boss. And maybe stuf123, who's not even in IT. So I was going to sleep in just a little today...and get up in time for a cup of coffee right before my 0900 conference call. But now I have a 0700 conference call as well. *sigh* Just got the kids down, so I guess I'm going to bed.

Oh, and I was asked to compose a list about the things I like about STL. Here's what I've come up with so far:

  1. galinda822