July 4th, 2006


George Washington Howton

My grandfather was born George Washington Howton on the 4th of July. He was a cowboy through and through. Born in Pampa, Texas he served in the Army before what is generally assumed among family as a dishonerable discharge - we don't know because we never asked him, and he never talked about it. He was a cook in the Army and gave me this advice before leaving for Korea, "You can trade a pound of coffee for some poontang." Very disturbing news coming from my grandfather I don't mind admitting. Never without his Stetson, he always proclaimed that he'd drink a bottle of whiskey and eat a bullet if he ever got too old to enjoy life. Which is exactly what he did Christmas 1997.

Dreamed last night I was back in the Air Force. Lots of standing in line in this dream.

The entire family played "Escape from the Deathstar Action Figure Board Game" before the kids went outside to play with friends. Wife and I played a rousing game of "Star Wars Episode I Monopoly" yes, a gift from celtmanx. When we were poor and living in a one-bedroom apartment in Jersey, we always played "Star Wars Trilogy Monopoly" but Episode I is a very nice Deluxe Edition game. It's funny to watch my wife get frustrated. That is, until she made herself a Bali Trader and mellowed completely out...

Burned off my entire iTunes directory and reformatted that USB drive with Mac OSX's Extended Journaled filesystem. Since I've already cleaned up the ID3 tags, I'll be able to just re-import what I want in there for the time being. I really wonder if I'll need anything on there but soundtracks. Also found the 8-CD collection of Charmed for the wife. All eight season soundtracks. She's been wanting them, but I could only find one-off's at the store. This will be nice for her.

Then I drank some cocktails and watched Nanny McPhee, grilled up some din-din, and watched King Arthur (Clive Owen & Keira Knightley) and it was as good as celtmanx said it was. And, as an aside, I found it interesting that both movies contained actors from Gosford Park! (Kelly MacDonald in the former...)

Hope you all had a great 4th.

Update as of June 2006 -
Uncle Lonnie told me that George was given an honorable discharge and records were expunged. Pat varified this and said there was a small wallet size honorable discharge card he carried in his wallet. I have not found it yet. All the written articles make him sound guilty
but Lonnie was there when it happened. I just discovered this when I started work on the Howton scrapebook in May.

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