July 9th, 2006


"SFS heavy you are cleared for approach on vector alpha."

Dreamed my son and I watched an Imperial Tie Bomber make it's approach to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. It was pretty cool, obscured slightly by the trees in our backyard. It was an unusually quiet craft.

Today, when I put little girl down, she decided she wanted to read me a book! So she picked up 'The Three Muskateers' Illustrated Edition she keeps in her bed, opened a page, and began: "Princess Leia wanted to go on the boat, but she couldn't because the boat was only for boys. But that was okay, because she has wings and could fly."

Played Star Wars Episode I Monopoly Saturday with galinda822 since she ended up working all night Friday night, and something like 12-hours on Saturday and we missed movie night. So galinda asks if we play any 'house rules' on Monopoly. Not being one to vary much from the norm, I reply in the negative, and she mentions the Free Parking 'pot.' As we've heard of this before we decided to give it a go. Wouldn't know galinda was the only one to get the pot the entirety of the first game? Furthermore, she also suggested that if you land directly on 'Go' you get double the $200 you usually get. I pooh-poohed that idea, and my wife was initially upset until...you guessed it, galinda once again rolled a perfect 'Go.' every. single. time!
Coincidence? I think not! We stayed up WAY too late (0300) and I was shocked my wife suggested a second game (after woefully losing the first) to come back and win the second game. It was tons of fun.

Watched the 'Psyche' pilot this evening, and it was one of the better pilot episodes I've seen. Oh, and Carla - I'm burning it to DVD for you since you forgot to Tivo it!

Alert all commands. Calculate every possible destination along their last known trajectory.