July 12th, 2006


Are you classified as human?

Ubuntu has released a 'server' version (they're mostly known for their ez-install linux desktop distro, which interests me. Furthermore, they've released a SPARC edition. drax0r, I may need another sparc box. I was thinking my Ultra-1 (since ximo is using my Ultra-60. Just don't tell my wife. She'll shit herself if I bring another computer into the house. In the meantime, I may blow away slackware and try it out on that box. Woo-hoo, new toys!

I found out how to use my xanga gay tracker thing. I was shocked at how many people all over the world visit my lame-ass xanga site, and from where these people are referred from. Unlike every single other xanga user I know, however, I have yet to assult these people on their own pages with threating remarks about visiting without posting. I could care less.

Negative, I am a meat popsicle.
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