September 4th, 2006

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I told the children I was going away for a little while. I told them, "New York." Since my daughter has only ever heard of New York in the movie, "Madagascar," she thinks that's where I'm going. Madagascar.

I made exactly one CD to take. I don't have a portable mp3 player (I'm hoping to buy Tony's off him when they release a new micro-terabyte drive model) and I doubt I'll be able to listen to iTunes on my laptop, so I didn't even bother with that. When I'm in the car, however...I'll need some tunes. This is what's on my CD:

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Saw a few emails from my boss where this thing appears to be spiriling out of control. We'll now be working directly under his supervision, which is great - he's good at this sort of thing. Will be getting up at 0550 for my 0920 flight. I want to be good and ready. Took all day to pack today. Saturday, I bought a 25" pullman. $180 at Kohls. They were having a 60% off sale which ended the day before, but if I checked out prior to the computers updating at 1400, I could still get it on sale. Ran to the checkout and got it for $72. What a deal. Packed my laptop in my checked luggage so I wouldn't have to mess with it as carry-on. Then I checked the website. NO LAPTOPS ALLOWED IN CHECKED BAGGAGE. Nice.