September 5th, 2006

Doc Brown

Amsterdam, Pt. II

First time I've slipped on a pair of jeans in a year.

Spent $2 on a 'cup' of coffee so I could have something to spit in while waiting to board the plane (first scooby-snack of the day).

Once, I had a half hour layover in Detroit. I was out of Skoal. I exited the airport, showed a taxi driver a $20 and said, "All I need is a can of Skoal, if you can get me to a gas station and back in 15 minutes, it's yours." He did. The most expensive can I ever bought. And this was pre-9/11. I wouldn't attempt that stunt in this day and age.

Chatted with a Master Sergeant on his way to Korea. He'd never been before. I encouraged him with good stories.

Hour and a half layover in Atlanta. At a Wendy's burger.

Visited with a man who did 21-years in the Navy.

So I have this smokeless tobacco thing down to science when flying - I've been doing it for years. Order a coffee, and a water. Drink your coffee, put your napkin in your empty styrofoam cup, and use that as your receptacle. Drink your water when you're finished, put your empty water bottle in your coffee cup to hide any evidence. Ta-friggin-da. So, I let the smokeless tobacco chewing 21-year Navy vet in on this plan, as he hasn't flown in 17 years and we're about to embark on our second flight together. We board the aircraft and they announce, "As you know there is no smoking onboard any ASA flight..." And then something I had never before heard, "...and the use of smokeless tobacco is also prohibited with a steep fine." WTF? Since when? And more importantly, why? What bullshit is this? Well - they didn't say that on the first leg of my flight, so I enjoyed a scoob on the plane. This trip is an hour longer. I packed my empty water bottle away in my backpack for use on the drive in the rental. Maybe Bill will drive?

We got a Chevy HHR. With a 4-cylinder engine. It kinda sucks. Bill drove.

Met up with my boss and three other guys. The six of us went to Staples to get stuff to set up a wireless network in my boss's room/conference room. Everyone stared at us. Three groups of people stopped to stare. One made a comment, "Looks like Reservoir Dogs. Why do I have to be Mr. Pink?" It was quite odd. The most unsettling thing so far, was getting off the plane and making my way to baggage collection to meet Bill. It looked exactly like Manchester, New Hampshire! This made me think of my Andover trip all over again...I was there for three months! The hotel is set up for 10/Half. The wireless router couldn't negotiate that.

I see a lot of good stuff on my friends page - I'll have to try to get around to that tomorrow; provided my partner and I don't start 12-hour overnight shifts. Our boss is already talking about working through the night the next few nights, and over the weekend as well.

We have to be where we have to be tomorrow at 0730. It's an hour away in Amsterdam. Our hotel is in Albany. It's 2230. I bought a coffee travel mug and a pound of coffee at Duncan Donuts. I'm going to die now. Goodnight.