September 6th, 2006


Amsterdam, Pt. III or, Back in the Saddle

I'm working with a Windows "server" here, as a front-end to a SAN. On this *shiver* ntfs SAN is a directory with thousands of lost files. Our direction: Find out where they go, and put them there.

The three of us are unix geeks, and we knew we could do this with shell scripts and simple unix commands. None of us are DOS guys. The SAN is mapped to two servers, the production and the test. We were not to touch the prod server, and told not to break the test server. Hmmm.

Because we all knew this would be so much easier with unix, I turned to a tool I had never used before - but didn't want to install it on the test server, and access it via Terminal Server...just in case. The local IT guy added my laptop to the local domain, mapped the SAN drives directly to it, and I installed cygwin. I now had a unix commands I could run against windows files! I feel alive again; using unix to troubleshoot difficult issues.

As great as this news was, it uncovered some unsettling information. Running our commands, we identified several sub-directories in which were identically named files of different sizes. At long last, I settled on a recursive long-listing of every file in the main directory. Because the size difference of these files were significant, I was hoping the long list, if sorted by size, would reveal what the majority of these file sizes were - so we could choose the correct one, and dismiss the other. That's when a planned power-outage had the unfortunate side-effect of removing our access to the server. So here we sit.

In other news, my boss referred to us to as "Team Daedalus" (from Space Cowboys) when he introduced us to the Regional CIO. I couldn't believe it.
Dallas Pegasus


The best Mexican food I've had since I left Texas, I found in New York:

After we were finished for the day in Amsterdam, Bill and I drove back down to Albany and had dinner. We walked into my boss's room/conference room where an all-day meeting was still taking place. He whispered to Bill, "There's pizza over there if you're hungry." Bill replied, "Oh we already ate."
"At Pancho's." I said. He said loudly enough to stop the meeting, "WHAT??? They have a Pancho's here?"
"Not like ours," I told him, "But it was damn good. Best I've had since Texas."

He's going tomorrow.