September 18th, 2006



I haven't really thought about it much, and care about it even less. I'm at that point in my life where, shockingly, I don't question anything - I can't. I don't have time to. Right now, I just work to provide for my family. And collect movies that someday I might be able to watch. And music too. Not much time for music these days.

Rec'd the following from galinda822. She hand-picked the carved box and the pewter vessel, then form-fit foam in the box in which to nestle it. Enclosed was a beautiful card she created with a small print of her current default avatar, Dawn by Ascensio (more on her site.) Thank you Carla, that was a very thoughtful gift.

Then got a HUGE box full of goodies from celtmanx filled with enough to stuff to make my wife moan and my children squeal with glee. Yes, I gave my daughter the Amidala figure. She's slept with it every night since, and my son plays with Vader's Tie Fighter Transformer along side my Obi Wan Starfighter Transformer. The chips were the best we've had - half the bag is gone (the quality of these tasty Dallas-made chips spurned my wife into making some guacamole) and I've nearly finished one entire bottle of salsa already. Good stuff, thanks David. I love the Klingon Blood Lager glass! (I could have done, however, without this...) Thanks again, pal.

And from my lovely wife:

photogoot, Once I reduced the image to get another look at it, I see where I need to better center the USAF logo, and I think that'll be that. Really, this small version doesn't do it justice. Click the image to see her in all her beauty.