September 23rd, 2006


Boys From Brazil

I've been looking for the Boys From Brazil score for sometime now, and it appears to have been released once (in 2000 if that source is correct) but is no longer in print. My father has it on LP (where I first heard it) and in the interim, I'm considering purchasing the CD The Film Music of Jerry Goldsmith on Amazon for $14.99 (used for $6.99) because it contains at least the Main Title. At the same time, my father is looking for me to find him an all-in-one LP-to-CD recorder. This mean, I may actually get the full album, albeit not remastered. What I've come up with so far is the TEAC GF-350 at $400, which is about twice what he wants to pay, but some sites are selling it for $300. Not too shabby. And since a good, inexpensive turntable is hard to find, he can simply use this unit once per album, and not have to worry about wearing it out. eBay has a 'buy it now' price of $273.

In other news, I can't believe that Elmer Bernstein's STRIPES score is actually better than I remembered! How delightful is that? I may end up listening to this all day! It makes me giggle.

galinda822 found a Varese relesae CD of this on eBay. Thanks galinda!
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