September 28th, 2006

Jack Sparrow


My neighbor's brother has a prothesis in place of his arm. We were outside talking and my daughter asks, "Why do you not have an arm?" I would have nortmally been embarrassed, but there was absolutely nothing I could have said to either her, or him. She's four, and wouldn't understand why not to ask. He mumbled something about an accident some years back and when he was finished she told him, "You look like a pirate."

Something fishy's going on in Colorado. I think it's all the liberals. The Theologian asked, "Are schools safe?" in response to the lastest Colorado school shooting. My reply, quite frankly, was, "How on earth did he get past the 'No Firearms' sign?"

Initiated an offer to an applications guy today. Two down, one to go.

I just saw a portion of the menu selection for the week-long meeting in D.C. I'm going to need to pack some salsa. Too bad I can't bring some gravy as well. I'll be working Saturday through Wednesday/Thursday, and I'll likely be bored the two weekened days, as I am to sit thorough a conference for nothing more than 'comfort level' in case an IT emergency ensues. Joy.

I want my Solaris box back online.

I have too many apps open on my laptop, and the thing is about to crater. You guys have a FANTASTIC evening...

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