October 29th, 2006

Pilzner Urquell


I dreamed Friday night that galinda822, photogoot, and I were in a large, underground mall/theater. We were running into numerous problems as we tried to circumnavigate the area, as all the hallways not only interconnected at seemingly odd places, but some were very lengthy, twisting hallways with no exits except an auditorium, most of which were filled not with moviegoes, but event attendees. The three of us got separated often, and cell phone coverge inside the facility was shotty. photogoot and I had our cameras (rather, I was carrying his PowerShot G5) and were looking for interesting things to photograph along the way. Unfortunately, by the time we found a good shot, various intermissions from the many rooms always seemed to spoil our shot with an excess of activity. At one point, I sat in the back of a theatre as the members were filing back in for the next leg of their presentation, but got kicked out since I didn't have a event badge. Having enough of this, I was lucky to find a small tiki bar at a quiet corner of the mall. Lots of people were filing back to their location. I asked the bartender for a hefe weizen. He begins, "The hefe-weizen is a dark, malty beer..."
"Yes, I know what a hefe-weizen is, I lived in Germany!" I interuppted. Sheesh! He left to go get my beer, but never returned. I was thankful for the peace and quiet with the crowds gone, but my unease was growing since I hadn't seen my two companions in awhile. Finally, they both show up laughing and jovial. I told photogoot about the bartender trying to describe a hefe-weizen to me, and he showed me pics he'd taken of galinda by some framed works of art which were actually hammered copper. The bartender had left his Canon Rebel XTi behind the bar, and I considered stealing it, beacuse he was such an ass, but another intermission let out and I lost my friends in the bedlam which ensued. Fine. I had to go to the bathroom anyway. It took forever to find one, and when I did, it was a dark, cavernous locker-room type place with thousands of stalls and a moist, wet floor from the huge open-bay shower area. I picked a stall and went to close the door, but suddenly there were hundreds of men in there yelling and sceaming as if a winning game had just finished - and all the doors had dissapeared from the stalls.

Many thanks to the special gift rec'd yesterday from somebritinmass. It's my favorite, and I will place it tenderly into my care. And Daisy says, "Meow."