November 8th, 2006



I'm so very excited, that this is difficult for me to type. I only found out about it yesterday, and I'm unsure of the breadth of my discovery - in fact I'm unsure of quite a few things right now, but this much I know - Chipotle is coming to STL!

That's right, coming here! I verified this on their website, and I've heard one person talking about building one close to her location...what I have yet to do is triangulate that posistion in relationship to my own. I may pack the kids in the car and drive out to the site to see for my own eyes this wonder-of-wonders over the weekend.

I've signed up for the STL mailing-list on Chiptole's site, hoping the next announcement will detail numerous locations throughout this area. Oh such anticipation!

Outside the Georgetown Chipotle
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