November 26th, 2006


Unix Day

Went to the park and took pics of the kids:

Relocated and booted the Octane. Could not get it to init a display. Set it aside.
Dusted off and powered on quark, my Solaris 9 box.
Tried to remember how to use unix, managed to mount the CDROM and patched it.
Removed stupid webmin & communigate, changed registrar entry to reflect new addy.
Rebuilt my XP box from scratch, though the Lexmark website was down all day, so I couldn't install the printer driver, the largest of the reasons I went back to XP.
Smoked a cigar (or two) with neighbors outside as we're enjoying low 60's here and new lady neighbor was out.
Met another lady who worked on mainframes in the Air Force, and who was stationed in England.
My wife spied glühwein at Whole Foods and we picked up four bottles. I also found this little gem, a Wizen Icebock. It was as rich as port, and made my tummy happy.

Watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith until bedtime, where I played with routing all evening, after disabling
my modem from too much tweaking. Hense, I was offline most of the day. What a pain in my balls. My
boy and I enjoyed some Playstation together, and with XP back online I was able to reload my daughter's
princess games, so she was thrilled. My wife was in and out most of the day, so I really don't know
what she was doing - I saw her only intermittently throughout the day.
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